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Enjoy exploring the various books from the King’s Children series for ages 8-10, Allon YA Fantasy series for ages 12 and up, to swashbuckling historical fiction adventures for high school and adults.


Event Appearances


Curriculum Fair

Chattanooga, TN

July 17-18

Comic Con Day


Public Library

Hendersonville, TN

July 25, 12-3 pm

Bryan College

Dayton, TN

September 19

Rocket City Lit Fest

Fort Worth, TX

October 10-11

Christian historical fiction, young adult epic fantasy and children’s books by author Shawn Lamb

Just Released

The Great Battle

Guardians of Allon

Book One

The first in a trilogy of prequels to the epic fantasy series, Allon, The Great Battle begins the struggle of Good and Evil in the Kingdom of Allon.

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The Great Battle - Guardians of Allon - Book One by Shawn Lamb