Christian historical fiction, young adult epic fantasy and children’s books by award-winning author Shawn Lamb

By Shawn Lamb

By Loyalty Torn

Historical Fiction

A savage civil war rages across England pitting Parliament against the King. The conflict divides families, friends, and villages. Those not fighting struggle to survive the chaos. Lady Samantha must find the courage and wherewithal to endure, protect, and provide for those under her care. A loveless marriage and mysterious family past complicate the challenge.

As a Royalist Captain in Prince Rupert’s Cavalry, William Hawkins has experienced enough bloodshed to last multiple lifetimes. Meeting Samantha again brings back memories of a happier time and friendship with her brother, the duke. A single impulsive act changes everything. Can they survive the repercussions?


Shawn Lamb

Shawn Lamb is an award-winning author of multiple titles in Christian fiction ranging from age 8 to adult. She honed her skill as a screenwriter for children’s television in Hollywood during the 1980s. Since 2010, she has appeared at homeschool conventions, book festivals, and comic conventions. As speaker, workshop leader, and panel guest, she brings decades of experience in the publishing industry and Hollywood.

For questions about scheduling an appearance and fees, contact Shawn at her email address.

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